A Rosey View at Pine Ridge Vineyards

Founded in 1978, Pine Ridge Vineyards is a young winery by Napa standards, but the quality is undeniable. Most noted for their Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Bordeaux blends, the craftsmanship and love is noticeable in every sip. They take great care during their harvest season, handpicking at night so the grapes as well as the workers don’t suffer in the heat of the day. The grape clusters are collected in small bins that hold only 25 pounds to reduce bruising and crushing, and sorting is done by hand to remove any trace of stem pieces. This attention to the smallest detail ensures all you get is the juice.

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TV Travel Guides to Your Florida Fall Vacation

The Sunshine State may have gotten a bad rap in recent months from the racially-charged Zimmerman-Martin trial, but that hasn’t stripped Florida from its deserving honor as a great vacation paradise for many Americans and international visitors.

If you’re looking for good travel, Florida should be on your list of top five locations. The state’s many charms help it to be a favorite holiday destination. Florida has it all: sunshine, great beaches, amazing luxury hotels, exciting cities, tourist activities and alligator farms. You can’t forget the alligator farms. Continue Reading

5 Tips for Surviving The Airport on Vacation

If you ask most folks, you will probably find that the most stressful part of their vacation is time spent at the airport. With a little preparation and a good attitude you may find that it’s not that bad after all. The key is to know what to do, have a good attitude, and relax and go with the flow. Taking these extra precautions and knowing how to avoid unpleasant situations can really save the day for you, your family or group; leaving you ready to relax in the window seat as you soar toward your destination.

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My Top 10 Road Trip Moments


Some of our best, and worst, travel moments happen on the road.  Whether it’s a three hour drive or a cross country journey, something is bound to happen that sticks in your memory forever and makes you smile at the absurdity or pure joy of the situation. Here are a few of my stand-out moments (in no particular order) as I criss-crossed America and other parts of the world with friends, family, and of course, dogs. Continue Reading

Tis (Always) the Season for Travel

Maybe you only think of travel during the holidays to see family, or maybe you’re like me and search travel deals as much as you check your email.  I’ve become obsessed by it, but I feel it’s a healthy addiction. Experiencing food and culture of different countries and trying new things are the best gifts you can give to yourself and to others. I took one of my best friends on her first trip outside the United States. My boyfriend introduced me to the culinary masterpieces of Spain. And I am always on the lookout for deals to the Virgin Islands. I’ve come to rely on a few favorite travel sites. These websites offer fantastic deals, email alerts and notifications, and range from last minute to 90 days out.

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