Helicopter Tour in Nepal

By Ian Price | Travel

Sep 06
helicopter-tour in Nepal

Looking for a company that will guarantee you exceptional service in a helicopter ride on the Everest? You just landed on the right place as Sublime Trails is your go to company. This is because we have years of experience in offering treks,luxurious tours,students tour and helicopter tours on the Everest. Our company is based in Nepal,Bhutan and Tibet. This makes it a good choice as you can choose to book us from any of those locations. Over the years we have ensured that Everest base camp tours have been quite successful and hence has the helicopter tours. Once you choose us for a helicopter tour on the Everest you will not that our years of experience have seen us become a brand that delivers quality services to its clients.

Helicopter base camp Tours

Choosing us guarantees you a package that is quite undeniable. This is because we always price our service quite affordable so that you will feel the experience. Once you choose and book with us you are guarantee that we will create value for your money. This is what client want. Quality service at their on expense. While making a booking with Sublime Trails on a Everest base camp helicopter tour with landing, you will realize that the efficiency of booking with us is top class. This shows you just how the tour will be. Our packages are on the site and depend on how many you are and the hours you want on the tour. On average the tour goes for 3-4 hours.

Tours for everyone

Tour for everyonw

Sublime is here to ensure that everyone is accommodated on the tour. This includes kids above the age limit provided by us. This ensures that everyone will have an experience together while on board. Kid s are required to have company while on board for their safety. An adult should accompany them for their ow good. Once you choose us fora helicopter tour you will certainly love how we cater for all ages while on board. The pilot will ensure that your ride will be as comfortable as possible for both kids and adults as they ride they will certainly have memories while on board.

Care for the environment

As you choose Sublime Trails you should know that we care about the environment. This is because we have see that adverse effects environmental degradation has brought to the world and we do not what to be part of the blame. We choose to be responsible and stand tall in the fight towards environmental degradation. We always ask clients not to dump or throw stuff outside the helicopter or even while on the camp. Our helicopters too are not left out. We have ensured that they are of start of art technology so that they do not make lots of noise. They also propel using gas that reduces the effects of air pollution so that the ozone layer is not depleted by us. We are also proud ambassadors in tree planting in the countries we are located in to ensure that green environment is not only a dream but is realized starting by us leading as examples.

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