TV Travel Guides to Your Florida Fall Vacation

By Ian Price | Travel

Jul 31

The Sunshine State may have gotten a bad rap in recent months from the racially-charged Zimmerman-Martin trial, but that hasn’t stripped Florida from its deserving honor as a great vacation paradise for many Americans and international visitors.

If you’re looking for good travel, Florida should be on your list of top five locations. The state’s many charms help it to be a favorite holiday destination. Florida has it all: sunshine, great beaches, amazing luxury hotels, exciting cities, tourist activities and alligator farms. You can’t forget the alligator farms.

Sure, many Americans make Florida’s beaches the destination choice throughout the summer months, but there’s much to do throughout the state during fall’s cooler temperatures. If you’re miles away from Florida right now, click through the great travel programming available or watch some Miami Dolphins games through to get in the Floridian spirit. Travel shows on networks like the Travel Channel and the Food Network can offer tantalizing ideas and great places to see when you’re in the USA’s most tropical peninsula. Let’s have a look.

Hotel Happenings

Florida has hotels in abundance; it’s up to you to find the best one to fit your dreams and budget. If time or money are of no object, then maybe choosing among these best luxury Florida hotels is the place for you to start. You can’t go wrong having to choose between the opulent grandeur of old-money feel and grand hospitality of The Breakers in Palm Beach, or the fun, lively (i.e., kid-friendly) style of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa in Orlando.

Similar to Gordon Ramsey’s “Kitchen Nightmares,” The Travel Channel’s “Hotel Impossible” features a inside look at a hotel’s strengths and weaknesses, and host Anthony Melchiorri offers the hotels tough tips on how to become a better hotel operation. What better way to get an inside glimpse to such Florida hotels like Fort Lauderdale’s Ocean Manor or Miami’s Penguin Hotel?

To map your eventual Florida hotel stays, or check prices and availability, click over to Trip Advisor for top Florida hotel reviews, recommendations and revelry. Or check this video guide below for a look at the best Miami can offer.

Food Frenzy

If you’re coming to Florida in the autumn months, why not make it a foodie break instead of a beach break? With so many restaurants in the state, from five-star Michelins to rib and burger places, you can take a full week and eat your way around Florida.

The Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” has featured many of Florida’s finest and funkiest eateries on its show. More often than not, the show offers surprisingly helpful advice on where to go, what to eat and when to do it. For a glimpse, check the show’s handy Web map on Flavortown for top Florida spots to satisfy your cravings of good grub and fine dining.

Sunshine Secrets

OK, you’re in Florida, for chrissake. You HAVE to hit some beaches. But maybe you want to go to the beaches no one knows about. Well, to that, I’d recommend a peek at Florida’s best secret beaches, as recommended by the Travel Channel. Sure, you may not be the only one on the beach, but exploring these less-traveled paradises are sure to make your fall trip to Florida an exquisitely memorable one.

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